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12 Reasons You Are Lucky To Be A Dancer – by Rose White

  • You Are Fit & Healthy
    Hours of dance classes and rehearsals, continuous stretching and practicing have made you a more toned dancing machine. You know your body better than any normal person, so you know what food you need to keep your strength and energy up and also how to stay healthy.
  • You Are Strong
    Not only are you physically strong but also mentally. It is not easy, day after day trying to correct your body, your choreography and style. You have talent and a whole lot of technical advice under your wing handed down to you, you also are emotionally mature so you can put 100% into making it all happen.
  • You Could Do your Own Hair Before Your Teens
    After having to have your hair up looking presentable for class most days of the week, plus exams, shows etc you already picked up on your own how to do your hair yourself and you nailed it way before your teens and most likely better than when you mum was doing it for you… Ouch that use to hurt so much when my mum would scrap my hair back so tight into a classical bun!
  • Always Well Groomed
    Your appearance and grooming is always so immaculate. As Dancers we are naturally trained to always look our best. Dancers are known for their beauty and physique. We are trained to have great posture, then hair and make up are just the next steps.
  • No Hanging About
    This is a good one Mums & Dads…
    You don’t have time to hang out at the mall, down the beach or the park with friends.
    ‘Sorry I can’t come to the party, I have dance.’… You are way to busy at the dance studio working hard to be the best dancer you can possibly be. Even if you aren’t at the studio you can most likely be found somewhere at home stretching or working on your pointe. But you wouldn’t have it any other way, It is what you love.
  • Awesome Social Circle
    You have a great circle of friends. Your friends at school don’t quite ‘get it’ but thats ok, you have your friends where if you need to escape from dance world you can. But then you have your dance friends where you get to share the same love and passion You get to have fun and work hard with them and help support each other to become better.
  • Great Work Ethic
    At such a young age to have this skill is amazing. You set your goals and you push yourself and work hard to achieve them. Not every one can dance and rehearsal for hours and hours and weeks on end for a few minutes on stage. But you are focussed and steady and you know who to go about achieving what you need to help you be better.
  • You Can Multi Task
    Not everyone is too good at this skill, even more so at a young age. But you can get yourself ready, make sure you are ready for class early. You can keep track of the music, have musicality and rhythm. As well as being able to perform and dance, master props with your dance and watch and read the audience’s reaction.
  • Body & Mind
    Every one knows that dancers are highly flexible and stretch their bodies to limits, but our minds are just as adaptable. If you find a better or easier way of doing something you will adapt to that sometimes just naturally. If choreography gets changed, no bother to us we adapt to it quickly.
  • Great Attention Span
    I mean we have to if we have been focussed on dancing pretty much our whole lives right? You know when and how to be focussed. Being organised is another great skill we get too.
  • Good Sense of Occasion
    We love going to the theatre and we always find it a special event. People don’t really dress up to go to the theatre these days like they use to. But us performers always still do, we love it. When something is amazing we appreciate it and you show your appreciation through how we dress and our demeanour.
  • Uniqueness
    Dancers have a unique sense of style that is always so well put together. Like I said before we always want to look our best even when away from the stage… and we can most certainly take the experience of wearing the most uncomfortable costumes on stage as well as the most beautiful ones. You know what works well together and what doesn’t.
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