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Alison Brown

“Being at the studio now for almost eight years, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Dynamic Moves provides an environment which prides itself on education, fitness, fun, creativity, friendships and family.

Belinda works hard providing a thriving environment for all students from all different backgrounds to blossom in. Each individual student is valued and Belinda constantly supports them not only through their dance journey but through their own personal journey’s outside of the studio. The studio also welcomes and caters for students with diverse needs. My ASD son thrived while dancing which helped him gain skills in coordination, following instructions, working as a team and motor skills.

My daughters absolutely love their classes and their teachers. Their confidence has thrived and they have reached goals they never imagined they could. We are very proud to support the studio and the teachers and are extremely grateful for bringing the art of dance into our lives!”

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