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New enrolments are accepted at any time throughout the year except in the immediate lead-up to the annual recital in December.


Students wishing to enroll or parents wanting their child enrolled should first contact Belinda Kawalek, studio owner and principal on 0409 301 517 to see if a place is available.   


If a place is available, students and/or parents are invited to take part in our 7-day Trial Pass (* available to new students/families only).  The child and/or family can use this pass for a week to trial one or all of our classes.    Parents will be asked to complete a registration form before participation in any classes. 


Annual Enrolment fee of $25.00* is then payable once the child becomes an official member of the studio.

*Registration fee is non-refundable or transferable

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Click the above link to download the 2024 Enrolment Form
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